Company history


 «Zentenes Fish Combine» Ltd. was established in November 2004 with the aim of developing fish production in its newly-constructed factory.


The operation began in June 2005, and in August 2005 the company received authorization for the production of canned fish products from the Latvian Food and Veterinary Department. In 2006 the company passed the technical certification requirements and received authorization to export products to Ukraine.


In 2011, after creating its own laboratory, and after receiving certificates and licenses in order to comply with the requirements of HACCP, technological processes were put in place in order to meet the requirements of the Russian Federation. The factory was then validated and uathorized to export fish products to the countries of Customs Union.

Today, on an ongoing basis, we produce up to 60 different kinds of canned fish products from the Baltic Sea and the worlds oceans: in oil, tomato sauce, with an addition of oil, au jus or with various additives («fish conserves»).


Our factory’s production is well known and highly regarded in the Baltic countries, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the Republic of Belarus, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Israel. Trial deliveries of the fish products have been made to China.


The company is located in the village of Zentene (100 km from Riga), near the traditional fishing port of Engure.

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